Brian is a traditional percussionist, specialising in the Irish percussion instruments, the bodhrán and the bones and the West African percussion instruments djembe and dunduns. He also combines elements of drum kit, congas, cajon, etc. to fashion custom kits for particular tasks, such as playing with singers/ bands or dancers.


He has played with many of Irelands best known musicians, such as the Chieftans, members of the Dubliners, Davy Spillane, Jack L, Julie Feeney, Vivienne Long, Kíla, Emer Mayock, Seán Tyrell, Cormac Breathnach and West African musicians such as Mamady Keita and the Freres Guissés.



Recent musical projects include The Bahh Band, Jack Harrison, The Vendetta Orchestra, the Imogen Gunner Trio and Tig Linn.

He has been recorded on some 40 Cds.


He has played in every country in Western Europe, and Scandinavia, in Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, the US, Japan, India, Thailand, Singapore, Cuba, Gambia, Senegal, Bangladesh, Rwanda and Korea.